Мануальный терапевт Павел Мельников

Alexander Descartes
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  • Оставлю здесь и свой отзыв о работе Павла с моим телом и не только.

    Узнал о нём как раз из Бали-форума и записался на приём. 
У меня был запрос проработать зажатость в районе сердца со стороны спины, убрать спазмы тонких мышц, ну и в целом оживить тело. И Павел оживил )

    Описывать процесс, опыты и состояния я не буду, у каждого они будут свои.
    А вот результатом хочется поделиться. 
У меня был курс, 8 сеансов, а к ним, очень приятным и ценным бонусом стало именно общение с этим Мастером (с большой буквы).
    Он показывал мне приёмы работы с телом и вниманием, корректировал моё непонимание себя и помогал открывать новую, забытую часть себя самого. Этот Мастер больше чем творец, он способен починить и восстановить сломанное, отвергнутое, забытое.
    Он видит тончайшие процессы в теле и сознании, помогая  решить задачу и сделать жизнь гораздо ярче.
    В зажимах, блоках и вообще любых проблемах тела, хранится огромная энергия, как я теперь осознал, хотя и слышал об этом ранее.

    Работа Павла помогла мне открыть мой грудной отдел, задышать по новому, ко мне пришло много осознаний, поток жизни качественно изменился, я встретил новый круг общения который искал, появился интерес к тому что внутри меня, к тому чем я являюсь, пришло принятие боли, благодарность к ней, начало открываться сердце…
    Вернулась часть моей энергии, а её уровень влияет на всю Жизнь.


Благодарю, Павел, от всего Сердца! )

    (его Whatsapp +79855074262)

    Mari Art
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    Павел на Бали, принимает в районе Saba (это окрестности Denpasar, недалеко от Sanur). По всем актуальным вопросам  связь через WhatsApp +79855074262 или @IAFAsia телеграмм.
    Jack x
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    I met Pavel through my wife who’s also Russian, I’m Australian and have lived all over the world - seen and tried many things regarding my condition. I’ve been suffering with Sherman’s disease (degenerative spine disease kind of like male scoliosis in the thoracic spine), anyway it’s slowly been progressing downhill (really sucks, very painful, can’t sleep - always in pain) and I was in a lot of nerve pain and discomfort. I was really getting depressed and worried as I have a 2nd child about to be born and could only really use one arm effectively.

    I have tried many mainstream dr’s and therapies, often treating the symptoms for a while, but never the cause - then it would gradually return. I was often told by supposedly high-level dr’s, even professors that my condition is degenerate (an anomaly) and not curable. Pavel and his work brushed this off as nonsense, which I now have the proof that’s easy to believe, because after the 8 sessions we did together my spine and posture is 80-90% better and I have no pain. And even more importantly I have a new mind-set and simple practice that easy and not limited by “can’t”.

    Because I had tried and failed to improve and further heal my condition many times during my life (now 49), I was at the end of my tether and open and willing to try anything - even if it was supposedly painful at times. So I jumped in and surrendered to Pavel’s treatment, protocols and very simply explained but profound advice (which I willingly followed - simple exercise every hour for 5mins 12 hours a day). Although I have to be honest I was a nervous and afraid to hear that some of the therapy was quite painful and confronting - but turns out nothing I couldn’t handle (even though I really don’t like pain, like most people obviously, but if you breathe through it, in and out the nose - it passes). He’s very strong and demanding, yet kind and caring at the same time if that makes sense.

    Pavel explained that part of the problem of healing or curing disease or injury like mine is that the body and all of its connected and integrated systems (simply put the physical, emotional and spiritual) holds, protects and remembers the dis-ease, pain, shame, fear, restrictions, inflammation, dehydration so on amd so forth. And that his work simply opens and activates the body, mind, soul to heal itself. This may sound hippy dippy to some, but I can assure you it’s not, and know makes a lot of sense.

    I also heard that Pavel was himself twice paralysed (car accident and cliff fall) and had through great sacrifice, learning and commitment healed himself (not listening to Dr’s, years in India, Tibet and Thailand learning and training with great healers/teachers). This pricked my ears up and I wanted to know more, ‘cause anyone who can do that must be a man who knows something I don’t know. Also to give you context I am closely involved in science and medicine with three integrative natural medicine clinics (natural IV therapy, oral tonics, nutricueticals, medicines and more) that started out focused on the the treatment of cancer with great success. The biological work my clinics do has also helped me a lot, but I was missing something to complete the circle of healing the un-healable (haha I can laugh that mind-set off now - thanks Pavel!). I just couldn’t find the body work (massage, Osteo, Physio, remedial massage) I needed to crack the dis-ease or complete the circle so to speak.

    That’s until I met Pavel...

    Thank you eternally for all your years and years of hard work, education from the ancients, dedication, sacrifices and commitment to healing arts. You are truely an inspiration, scholar and gentleman.

    His healing ability is tremendous, both from ancient wisdom and modern science. He’s a very rare and special healer, completely committed and dedicated 24/7 to his learning, practice, treatments and therapies.

    His treatment is not for everyone, you must be open to learn something new but ancient, willing to work and heal and engaged in his wisdom, advice and practices. If you’re afraid of healing, or have limited beliefs and constructs, or not willing to change or do the work - I wouldn’t bother, or better said waste Pavel’s precious time and energy.

    I highly highly recommend Pavel - best money I ever spent. And he certainly earns it, as I thing it takes great focus and energy for him to implement. Also I must say I very much enjoyed being in his presence and getting to know him.

    His English isn’t great, but it’s good enough and his lovely wife and practice partner is an excellent translator when it gets complicated. And the treatment speaks for itself.

    Thanks again Pavel, very grateful that you exist!


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