Vacancy Head-Manager in Travel Company

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  • Vacancy Head-Manager in Travel Company

    The Seven Holiday ( - the boutique DMC which operates throughout Indonesia and is headquartered in Bali - is looking for a Head Manager!

    This is an extremely important position in our company and in short, you have to be a well-motivated superhero who is willing to work hard & never stop in difficulties, to help The Seven Holiday to grow and expand internationally. 

    You have to:
    - speak Russian (advanced+) and English (fluently)
    - grow together with the company and plan to become its CEO
    - live in Bali min 1 year
    - think outside the box and find solutions in all cases
    - understand that there are no weekends in the travel business, and be ready to work on Sat and Sun when it's necessary
    - be familiar with financial accounting
    - be honest

    Your advantage will be:
    - background in the travel business
    - management experience
    - good knowledge of Indonesia and travel to its different parts
    - knowledge of Indonesian language
    - good understanding of Internet marketing

    What you will do:
    - control & improve all work processes
    - solve operational issues
    - develop new products
    - develop new partnerships
    - hire & train people

    What you will get:
    - high basic salary
    - high monthly percentage depending on the results of the direction
    - yearly bonus depending on the results of the direction
    - flexible schedule
    - paid business trips in Indonesia and around the world
    - the possibility of career growth and obtaining a share in new projects
    - working visa (KITAS)
    - social package

    Are you ready? If so, send your CV with the mark "HM Vacancy" to
    You will have a few rounds of Interview and test questions afterwards.

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