Ищу рецепт блюда Ола ола

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  • Доброе время суток! Хочу приготовить блюдо Ола-Ола, которое пробовала на Гили, а рецепта не могу найти. Знаю что там кокосовое молоко, овощи и рис отдельно. Может кто знает?

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    Здесь рецепт, прямо с Гили

    Indonesian Olah-Olah

    On Gili Air, near Lombok in Indonesia, we were able to go to a cooking class put on by Karol, the owner of the Gili Air Simple restaurant (where we ate almost every night we were there). The following Indonesian recipes are from her. Many ingredients are only available in Southeast Asia, but I've put suggestions for substitutions where I can. She mixed up the pastes in a large (1 foot or 30cm diameter) stone mortar, but we have to make do with knives, rolling pins, and our small (2 inch diameter) spice mortar. As a result our pastes aren't as finely mixed, but they taste fine all the same.

    Olah-olah is a type of vegetable curry, cooked with coconut milk like all Indonesian curries. Basically any stir-fry type of vegetable can go in, and we've cheated a time or two and put meat in as well. Boil the meat in the coconut milk mixture until cooked (as in the Indonesian Curry), then add the boiled veggies. Olah-olah is meant to be richer than the curry, so coconut cream works as well as coconut milk.

    The crew at Gili Air Simple - Karol is on the right
    The crew at Gili Air Simple - Karol is on the right
    Serves 2


    The olah-olah paste can be made beforehand in large quantities and refrigerated for a month or frozen for longer.

    Mash together or blend in a food processor:

    4 candlenuts (macadamias or cashews work too)
    2 large cloves garlic
    4 shallots (or 1 medium-size onion)
    1 'cabe besar' (long sweet chilis, 1/4 of a red bell pepper works too)
    1 'cabe kecil' (small hot chili, 1 tsp chili powder works too)
    1 tsp salt

    Boil for 5 minutes in water:

    Vegetables (eg snow peas, carrots, wing beans, cauliflower, green beans, bell pepper, cabbage, onion)
    In large pan or wok, combine and heat:

    2 Tb olah-olah paste (fried in 1 Tb oil)
    1 c coconut milk (or more)
    Boiled vegetables
    Salt to taste
    Serve over rice.

    Источник  (hackingfamily.com/Sue/dinner.htm)

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